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Hal Perkins~

Discipled by Jesus

Discipled by Jesus? Can 21st century Christians actually be discipled by Jesus? Perhaps more importantly, can one be a Christian, that is, a disciple of Jesus, if he is not being discipled by Jesus? This writing appeals to Scripture to affirm that Christians can be discipled by Jesus, and that they must be, and how they can be. Jesus deeply desires to disciple His contemporary followers. He wants to help us dialogue and honor His nature, to see and celebrate His current activity, to hear and respond to His voice, to know and commit to His specific will, and to know and walk in faith for His promised power. He can and will do all this by His Spirit, through His Word, and through His Body for those willing to "be with Him". .. that is, to consciously hang out (abide) in His presence ... just like Peter, James, and John did. The book further identifies how these who are truly being discipled by Jesus are thus being equipped to disciple others just as they have been discipled. Ultimately, through intentionally multiplying the numbers of those who invest much "face time" hanging out with Jesus, the fruit of abiding will be great, and Jesus will build His church through His increasingly Christlike followers.